Allianz Agencies TMD

A Target Market Determination (commonly known as a TMD) describes the class of customers an insurance cover has been designed for, including the key attributes of the insurance cover and the customers who are eligible for it.

A TMD does not replace the terms and conditions, nor the disclosures made, in a PDS. Your customers should continue to refer to the PDS before deciding to purchase an insurance cover.

Below you’ll find the TMD applicable to each insurance cover, and if unsure you can refer to the policy documents for the name of the insurance cover.

Significant Dealings

The 'Significant Dealings' notification form must be completed by Distribution Partners and sent via email to Allianz within 10 business days of assessing a dealing as significant.

Please send the email to the Allianz Technical Risk & Compliance email inbox:

Key Documents

Significant Dealings Notification Form - Distribution

Significant Dealings - Distribution Partner Process Guide